For more than 20 years the followers of Islam are facing various life threats. One of them is Civil war, War with countries & the Major factor Terrorism. Since last 5 years more than 1% of Islamic population including adult & Children  are killed by Terrorist or because of terrorist. Countries like Syria, Libya are destroyed due to Civil War, Many Innocents were killed in this it is estimated that more than 0.5% are killed in Civil wars & more than 10% Homes & infrastructure is destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan,Egypt are facing the Major Disease,dangerous than cancer called “Terrorism” This word has destroyed various countries & there Economy totally. Terrorism is intended to create fear for Religious, Political, or Ideological goal .From decades many Countries are trying to cure this disease, But it is Never Ending ,Every time it  rises again & begins the known Destruction. Terrorism is a incurable, The fact is the Followers of  Islam  has faced a lot due this Destruction. It is loss to Humanity a Practice were everything is against God. Islamic people are known  for  their  Unity, Honesty, Humanity & following of the God “Allah”. But in several Islamic Countries this is totally opposite. The Followers of Allah has lost there Humanity & Unity. As the CTI Report says in there article of 10 most dangerous country to live .In this article Out of 10 ,

7 Countries are Islamic follower countries who are facing a heavy loss due to Civil War or Terrorism.

The Islamic community is known for their Unique Culture & dressing sense, There are some people who call themselves Gods army says god has directed them to rule the Islamic people & due to these people every Muslim is facing Today, Due to ISIS the perspective of World is changed now more than 25% thinks that all Islamist are same, But the truth is because of Groups like Al-Qaeda has totally buried the impression of Other Islamist.

  • Iraq
    As the report of CTI has mentioned the 10 most dangerous country to live. name of Iraq on the 1st spot, it is really hard to live in Iraq now not only for humans but also for animals no living being can survive there Iraq has 5% “Black powder” in there atmosphere, the oxygen level is 95%.The threat is from the presence fellow people known as ISIS carrying Guns, Rocket launcher & driving tanks has destroyed rest of the things in Iraq. There is no sign of peace in Iraq, the god father of ISIS has only motive to rule the middle east & force people to follow his made laws.Children,adults,Women’s they left nobody behind the cruel mind of this Group has shocked the world. Those who follow them they live but those who not they behead or smash more than 30 bullets. The Group has Children, Women & some fellow men .Iraq has lost everything lives, homes & revenue The ISIS is also became the strongest terrorist group after Al-Qaeda & they capture all the Oil wells, now they are day by day heading towards asia. These fellow people has left their impact on the youths all over the world & 1000 of youths including girls are travelling Iraq for joining ISIS. It is becoming tough for all the countries to destroy this Fellow group & save more than 1 million innocent people.

  • Syria
    Syria the 2nd most dangerous place to live suffering from a civil war that began in Spring. The country is a war field now In January 2015 22,000 Syrians had died & more than 11 millions has lost there homes. The conflict  is between the localities & president Bashar-al-assad’s Government.Total killed till march 2015 (2,156,88-3,006,88) & 1,30000 are captured or missing & 4.5 million-5.1 million internally displaced. Over 33,0000 refugees (by September 2014).These heavy number of loss tells us that how much Syria is dangerous for mankind. Its looking unstoppable now, Looking those heavy statistics its tuff to say that there will peace.

  • Afghanistan
    5th most dangerous place for all living being is  the land of war Afghanistan. The afghans are facing the never ending war, it was started 14 years before on 7th October 2001. Still no result the Infrastructure is hardly exist there now it is know has the ‘land of War’. It is estimated that 1,68,725 – 1,90,130 civilians are killed there. It is a never ending nightmare for the afghans the situation is never been good here since 2001.

  • Libya
    6th place were mankind is facing, Libya the land of Muammar Gaddafi is located in north Africa bordered by Mediterranean sea to the north. The civil war in Libya is from 2014 & more than 4000 people lost their lives & still there is no sign of improvement there. The civil war was scripted by mad man Muammar Gaddafi.

  • Yemen
    7th Spot of danger Yemen is an Arab country in Southwest Asia,5,27,829 sq km country is the Home & headquarter of  the worlds famous terror group Al-Qaeda.It is said that Al- Qaeda is the most advanced terror group in the world. There is also a terror group called Ansar-al-Sharia.Ansar-al-Sharia force people to follow the sharia law. The problem in Yemen began when Houthis-the Zaidi shia rebels forced president abd Rabbah Mansur hadi to flee the capital Sanaa in Feb.It is said that Yemen was ruled by the houthis the zaidi shia from the decades now when the situation is tough in Yemen countries like India & china are Evacuating there people from Yemen. Till now India evacuated more than 600 Indians & more 3200 are still to be evacuated.

  • Pakistan
    8th dangerous countries who supports Terrorism & now they are facing the cause of supporting the various terrorist groups. The neighbour of India is blamed by the world, after Osama found there. The 8,03,940 Sq km Pakistan is facing Economy crisis & day by day situation is getting tough & worse. In 2014 the world was shocked when 7 Men of terrorist Group Tehrik-t-Taliban attacked on the Army public School in the North-western Pakistan,Peshawar.The militants were foreign nationals, included one from Chechen,3 Arabs & Two Afghans. They entered & opened fire on school staff & Children. Killing 145 people including 132 School Children of 8 to 18 years of age. The attack was began on 10am Morning, the 7 Gunmen were in the Pakistan Paramilitary Force Frontier Corps. After the attack the TTP Spokesperson Muhammad Omar Kharasani said that  “We targeted the School because the army targets our families, we want them to feel our pain” .The Peshawar Massacre will be remembered for the years as the days are progressing Pakistan is facing lots of problems, Still Tehrik-t-Taliban is attacking & more than 500 people since 2014 December.Due to this Pakistan has losing there Economy.

  • Egypt
    10th Egypt is known for the culture & famous civilization in the world. The country is a Mediterranean country & it is bordered by the Controversial Gaza strip & Israel to the northeast. The crisis began in Egypt when the Egyptian revolution started on 2011  when thousands of Egyptians took the streets in an ideologically & socially diverse mass protest movement that ultimately forced long-time president Hosni Mubarak from Office. At least 5540 people lost there lives during the crisis. Due to this revolution the Egyptians are facing severe downturn in economy.


It seems that the Rise of destruction is increased in these parts of the world were life is not priceless. More than 8lakh Islamist has lost their life & Scarified their homes, Children’s are forced to join the terrorist groups on the name of jihad, Increased  illiteracy. The Violence & Cruelty has destroyed the Land & made the Oxygen Polluted with the “Black Powder”. I hope one day this will come to an end. Everybody will live a Peace full life there. These 7 Countries need Peace more than Food & Water.

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